Democracy for Monroe County (DFMC) is an independent, grassroots political action committee dedicated to recruiting, training, and supporting fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates at the local and state levels.

Endorsements 2014

DFMC's endorsements process will be a bit different this year. We will be considering pre-primary endorsements only for contested primaries (Sheriff, Clerk, and some Township offices), and then dealing with endorsements for unopposed Democratic candidates after the primary election. Deadline for questionnaires has been extended to Thursday, 27 March, midnight.

The following are links to the candidate questionnaires for each office:

Clerk Questionnaire
Sheriff Questionnaire
Township Questionnaire

December 2013 Linkup RSVP

Our December Link-up features a very special guest, Richard Sutton, executive director of Indiana Equality. He will be joining us to help start a conversation about how to bring the huge resource that is the Bloomington activist community into the fight to defeat HJR 6, the bill that would authorize a statewide referendum to Amend the Indiana Constitution to continue marriage discrimination. We will also be welcoming Bloomington's own BloomingOut host, Helen Harrell, and producer, Carol Fischer.

Petition to Recognize a Progressive Caucus in the Indiana Democratic State Central Committee

We are excited to announce that progressive Democrats in Indiana are seeking recognition as a caucus with a seat on the Central Committee of the Indiana Democratic Party. Members of newly-formed Democracy For Indiana have created a petition on the Democracy For America website which asks that the members of the current Central Committee vote to accept a progressive caucus, and we hope that you will click on the link below, sign it, and then share it on Facebook. Click "Read More" to see the link.

Sophia Travis Grassroots Champion

This year, DFMC's Board of Directors decided that we should be more systematic in the allocation of funds to our endorsed candidates. We have, therefore, set up an application process (which has already been sent to our endorsed candidates) by which we will determine who will get funds from us, and how much. This will be based upon need, commitment to grassroots activism, and a clear plan for using our funds in order to win election.

Results From the January Link-up

Just this last Thursday, our members met at Coaches Bar & Grill for our January Link-up. There were three items on our agenda. The first was to elect our Executive Officers and the Board of Directors. The results of the Election are as follows:

Executive Officers
Chairman - Chaim Julian
Vice Chairman - Tom DeLuca
Treasurer - Eric Schmitz
Secretary - Kristen Thomas

Board Members
Geoff McKim
Andy Ruff
Angel Rivera
Michael Drescher

DFA Campaign Academy Trainers and Their Background

You may be wondering just who will be teaching us how to become effective activists at the DFA Campaign Academy. Here is the faculty list.


Occupy Bloomington

I just came from the Occupy Bloomington event over at People's Park. The turnout was impressive - over 200 people from all walks of life. After some speeches (there was no set program of speakers) the bulk of the crowd marched down Kirkwood to the Chase Bank branch at Kirkwood and College. When they returned to the park they were chanting "This is what Democracy looks like."

DFMC 2011 Frisbee Golf Tournament and Fundraiser

Mike Tees Off...

July 31, 2011 -- DFMC held our second annual Frisbee Golf Tournament at Karst Farm Park. We had lots of wonderful people attend the picnic. (And special thanks to Dale Jones for manning the grill!) Four of us stuck around for the tournament: Chaim Julian (chair), Mike Drescher (treasurer), Eric Schmitz (past chair), and Steve Volan (Bloomington City Councilman). A good time was had by all!

Click here to see the exciting photos!

Introducing the 2011 DFMC A-List Candidates

Regina Moore, City Clerk

Regina has served as City Clerk, the friendly face of City Hall, since 2000. Her dedication to transparent and apparent government is clear. She has spent countless hours reaching out to community groups to teach them how city government works. She is organized, smart, and congenial — everything you need in a City Clerk. Beyond that, she has been an active supporter of progressive issues in our community and has played an instrumental role in bringing more women into local government.

City Council

Public Question #1 Loses in Monroe County

This morning, I was informed by a friend of mine that Public Question #1, that abominable Constitutional Amendment which will now be polluting the Indiana Constitution, actually lost narrowly here in Monroe County. This surprised me because at the polling place at Read Center, where I served as the poll's Inspector, it actually won even though all the Democrats on the ticket won.

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